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Sunrise Red Rock Canyon Engagement Session | Sheldon + Mitchell

I love #sunrise shoots, they are the absolute best. The light, the colors, the lack of people out at that time, it's amazing! This morning was so much fun because Mitchell and my boyfriend Bryen have known each other since high school, so when we all met up, it was just so much fun hanging out all together in the desert at 6am.

I think I freaked out when Sheldon got out of the car in her red dress, it was freaking perfect! And they brought sunflowers... I was in heaven. Sunflowers are my favorite and looked amazing with the colors of the #desert and the mountains.

One of my favorite things about #RedRock is the #JoshuaTrees, they just give the desert so much texture and life and are all so unique and beautiful! But the best thing about sunrise at red rock is the way the sun hits the mountains right as it rises and seriously POPS the brightest shade of orange you have ever seen!

Like I couldn't edit the mountains to look like that if I tried!!! It's one of the most amazing feelings in the world to be out there while the sun is rising, surrounded by Joshua Trees and no people around! If I could spend every morning out there I would.

Oh and I can't forget the crazy pictures we took right before the sun rose... holy moly it was pure magic! The colors of the desert sky are something straight out of a movie!

And as always, we ended the session with some beautifully backlight pictures where the sun is just bathing the desert in warm light and it is the most boho dreamy scene you have ever seen!




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