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This is us.

Las Vegas photographer & videographer.

That's us, Haley & Bryen. We are a Las Vegas photography and videography team, and we love our freaking jobs! Our clients are wild, adventurous, but most of all awesome as hell... and we promise we will make all your VINTAGE LOVIN DREAMS COME TRUE!


We are just two people in love.We met at a camera store and the rest was history. 3 years later, here we are doing what we love, capturing some of the most amazing elopements and weddings WEST OF THE MISSISSIPPI!



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HERE'S A little more about
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Our Wedding.




So you need some dope content for your business, or maybe you want to elope in Vegas... now what?!

We are the photographer and videographer for you! Based in Las Vegas, but available almost anywhere in the world, we capture all your epic moments through both photo and video!


Once you reach out and your day is booked, we make it our first priority get to know you! no matter if you are planning a wedding or a huge commercial - We often help you plan your locations, outfits, details, timeline and more! 

for us, it's all about the story. we are always thinking of "the shot" and making sure we get it so that the films we create are both wild and purposeful. crafting a beautiful story behind everything we do is what makes us... well us! Get in touch today and let's create some out of this world stuff together! 

2025 booking now open!

Mountain Ridge

Where We Will Be in 2024

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