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Vintage Vegas Elopement at Cactus Joe's Nursery \\ Elopement Videographers

Natalie & Ben's elopement story is one for the books! After having to postpone their destination wedding in Tulum, Mexico, they decided to fly across the country from NY to Vegas to elope. And when I say elope, I mean it in the traditional sense of the word... it was a total secret from EVERYONE they knew! They had the most beautiful little ceremony planned, just them two saying "I do" in front of the cutest pink chapel at Cactus Joe's Nursery in Blue Diamond, Nevada, and a handful of strangers. Luckily we got to be two of those strangers, but by the end of the night we were all fast friends! Nothing brings people together than spending one of the biggest days of their lives together!

It was a wild day forsure, they booked us for their elopement only the day before, but I am so thankful that we had the day open (the only one we had all month!) and were able to capture their elopement because it was a day I will never forget! I am excited to share this video because it is slightly different than our other videos. Natalie really wanted a film look, with real super 8mm film, but unfortunately we didn't have any on hand. So we shot the entire day on digital and really used the power of editing to give their film that vintage feel. Every aspect of their day had that elegant and vintage vibe, from her dress, shoes and hair, to the vintage convertible. Being able to really understand what our client wants and editing their film to their unique style is something we really pride ourselves on. We are no cookie cutter wedding videographers, every film is edited for hours on end to really tell the story of the couple. No two love stories are the same, just as no two wedding films are the same.

For those interested in booking us for their wedding, you have come to the right place to learn a little bit more about our process. We are wedding videographers in Las Vegas, meaning we get tons of elopements like Nat & Ben's, but we also get many larger weddings. If you are looking for someone to just show up, put a camera on a tripod and press record, we are not the videographers for you. We really get to know you before the day, and go above and beyond to tell your story. We spend a lot of time finding the PERFECT song, getting the colors right, and making sure the shots we choose really make you feel something when you watch the film. Our goal is to make someone who has never met our couples be able to watch their wedding film and "get the feels", if you will. I have your vows memorized by the time we are done with the edit, and I could recite every word when I watch it. That's how into the editing process we get, because we really care about you and your love story.

We also may be a bit Polaroid obsessed...

For those potential brides & grooms that may be reading this, if you want something that no other videographer can give you, then we are the wedding videographers for you!




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