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Sunrise Red Rock Ceremony with Elopements Las Vegas \\ Alyssa & Josh

Alyssa and Josh, how do I put into words how magical and intimate this morning was? Well, I don't really have to since we were the ones who got to capture this amazing morning on video, and now I get to share this with you! After rescheduling their wedding three times, finally August 8th, 2020 was the day that stuck, and we are so glad we got to be along for the ride!

There is no prettier time at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas than at sunrise, and if you don't believe me, then you need to experience it for yourself! The rocks light up bright orange when the sun begins to rise, and the temperatures are much more reasonable during the summer. This morning was perfectly intimate, just us, our couple, and the vast desert filled with Joshua Trees all around us. If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with Joshua Trees, and Joshua Tree national park, but Red Rock is home to both of us, growing up in Las Vegas we know this area like the back of our hands! So it's just so exciting anytime someone wants to elope here, because this is such a special place and I love knowing brides like Alyssa feel the same way about it as I do!

Red Rock Canyon is on BLM land, so there are permits involved for anything from family photos to full on weddings. The permit process is not easy, and it's not cheap either. So thankfully Alyssa and Josh used Elopements Las Vegas to plan their intimate ceremony, and they handle EVERYTHING from flowers and cake, to the permits and officiant. Elopement Las Vegas is such a pleasure to work with because they not only plan and set up the cutest little ceremony spots, but they make sure to help the ceremony run smoothly so we could focus on our job and make sure to capture it as best as we could.

If it's not clear from my endless blogs about my clients, I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE being a wedding videographer in Las Vegas, and it has a lot to do with these epic locations that we get to shoot it, and the amazing couples who would rather say their vows surrounded by red rocks in Las Vegas than have a huge wedding. Our couples are always so sweet, adventurous, and hilarious, and Alyssa and Josh were no exception. They flew from Michigan to Vegas to have their ceremony without any friends or family. This video is how they will share their big day with EVERYONE who wasn't able to attend, so it's such a huge honor to be able to capture moments like this, because without this video and the gorgeous pictures, this day is just a memory. I really love creative short films like this one that tell the day as it was, and will last them forever.




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