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Rock & Roll Las Vegas Elopement // Downtown + Desert

We started our day picking up these two cuties at the Little White Chapel downtown before heading to red rock to take their wedding pics. You know we had to get a few shots in the tunnel of love with the pink convertible!!

After that we headed up to just outside of the city to a beautiful desert spot to get these two some beautiful images of their day. Brittany's silver sparkly dress and shoes were absolutely perfect for the Vegas elopement and contrasted amazingly with the desert backdrop. When I first saw her I almost died because she looked so rock and roll I fell in love instantly. Nevertheless Bryen and I had so much fun with these two who came all the way from Oklahoma with their family (and adorable baby girl) to elope in Vegas! Their wedding pictures and video are absolute Vegas goals!

You know we had to get the walking across the street shot! This is my absolute favorite shot to get because it's the reason I became a wedding photographer in the first place! Long story short, I started following this freaking amazing photographer @annieruby on instagram, she is absolute goals. And while I was into photography for landscapes and travel stuff, I had never thought about doing portraits and turning my hobby into a business. Well she kills the game when it comes to the bride and groom crossing the road, and ever since I saw that shot, I just wanted to capture it myself! And I always try to add it into my sessions because there is nothing cooler than a bride in her gorgeous gown crossing the road in the middle of somewhere awesome (at least there isn't to me anyways)!

Last but not least we headed down to the Las Vegas sign, waited in a ridiculously long line, but got all the shots they wanted to document their trip to sin city. Despite all the photobombers, these two brought the party and had a celebratory champagne toast and cigar in front of the sign with their family to keep the party going! I loved every single moment of this day and have so much love in my heart for the Vegas elopement, because it's so iconic and personal. My parents eloped in Vegas (I mean they lived there) but still it's super special to me, and love to help contribute to couples special day in the big city!




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