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Meet Las Vegas Wedding Photographers Haley & Bryen

If you have ventured onto our website, or any of our social media platforms, you might know that we are two people in love. What you might not know is that we met at a camera store and it was totally love at first sight. So fast forward three years later, here we are doing what we love - together! Getting to capture couples in love on their biggest days and create beautiful memories for them that will last lifetimes!

Las Vegas wedding photographers haley and bryen stand together holding hands in the desert on a gloomy day. Woman with blonde hair is wearing a white brimmed hat and denim jacket, while man with brown hair is wearing brown jacket and clarks. They are taking engagement photos in las vegas in front of joshua tree cactus.
Las Vegas wedding photographers Haley & Bryen of Hayway Films

So that's us. We call ourselves tripod portrait professionals as well as professional wedding photographers in Las Vegas because almost all the photos you see of us were taken on self time and a tripod.

We love the outdoors, and just enjoy getting to spend time together doing everything from hiking to skiing to mountain biking. Our first trip together was to Yosemite National Park and we had only know each-other for about 2 months when we decided to go camping. Mind you it was May in Yosemite so it was pretty freaking cold, and our air mattress didn't fit in the tent, so we ended up sleeping on a deflated air-mattress on the rocky ground. It definitely was not ideal but we had fun because we were together freezing our asses off and starving. Definitely didn't eat the $50 in freeze dried backpacking food we brought was not the best.

We love what we do! Bryen has been a filmmaker for the last 10 years, working on short films, commercials, music videos, and has two Emmy awards to show for all of his accomplishments. Over the last three years, he has taken his expertise in filmmaking and began shooting weddings and elopements, and together we were named Las Vegas's top wedding videographers in 2020!

Haley has been shooting photography for the last four years, and within the last three years had learned videography as well as become the editor for all the Brazen Honey Films weddings, elopements, and commercial videography! Together we make a great team, always assisting the other, and working together to light, pose, and edit our photos and films.

We have big cameras, way too much gear, and a love for this art. Our adventures always double as location scouting adventures, sometimes if we know the spot is close, we'll dress up so we can take some sample pictures. But most of the times we set out with a camera in hand and hiking boots on so we can find some wild and secret spots that will make for the most PERFECT spot to elope or have your wedding or engagement photos taken.


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