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Sunset Cliffs at Sunrise \\ San Diego Elopement Photos

I LOVE the desert... the cactus, the dirt, the vast nothingness that surrounds you that adds an element of wilderness into an image. But the coast at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park in San Diego gives me the same feels in a different way. The colors change but the nothingness that surrounds you stays the same. That's why I love shooting in this location, because it's just you and the ocean. There is just something so freeing about being in nature and feeling like you have the entire world to yourself.

This shoot was really focused around the bouquet, which was a huge boho dried bouquet with tons of greens and purples to make it feel like it came straight from San Diego. The palm was definitely my favorite part, and I can't get over how much I want every bouquet to have huge palm leaves it it now! (although I think it only really works because we were right on the ocean LOL). But I also loved the small details like the lavender and the pine branches.

We got up at sunrise and headed out to the cliffs. This is my absolute favorite time to shoot in this location, even though it may be called SUNSET cliffs. The light is so beautiful and even you can't take a bad picture if you tried. But besides the light, there is no one out. Sunset Cliffs is a zoo at sunset, understandably so. Everyone and there mother wants to watch the sunset from this iconic location, but the sunrise is my favorite time to go, and these pictures show you why.

The dress was a gorgeous find from forever 21, which the bridal hat was from Pip! I choose it because I wanted something to match and fit with the color of the rocks. The harmony between the colors gives me life. The boots are Dolce Vita, and are the most fitting bridal boot I could ever think of (maybe besides bridal birks hahaha).

I would be the happiest girl in the world if every bride wanted to shoot at this location at sunrise and let me design them a beautiful dried bouquet... so hopefully this will inspire you!




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