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Rainy Desert elopement \ Desi & Jonah

Southern California Elopement Photographer

Desi & Jonah got married at City Hall in Denver, Colorado, but for their honeymoon they roadtripped all the way from Denver to California and back. After making a few stops along the way to ski and hike in National Parks, they stopped off in Vegas to grab a shower and take some amazing wedding photos in the desert. They were only here for one day, so rain or shine we were going to make it happen and get them some amazing elopement photos in the desert!

It had been cloudy all day and started to rain and was only going to get worse, so we went out a little early to hopefully beat the worst of the storm, and made our first stop at the dry lake bed. As an elopement photographer, the dry lake bed never disappoints. And with the light rain and the big storm rolling in on the horizon, it make for an absolutely insane experience. I mean it's not all the time that we get rain in the desert, and since it wasn't pouring, it was totally doable. Once we got out of the car, the rain was sprinkling, but it stopped for a good 30 minutes and gave us some great photo time. And of course I got to pull out my cute clear umbrella for some fun rainy day photos!

After spending some time out at the dry lake bed and playing with some fun smoke bomb photos, we headed to the ever classic and instagrammable 7 magic mountains. It's always a good time to get to bring people here for some photos! While I was hopeful that the rain would mean we would have the place to ourselves, unfortunately it was probably the most crazy we have seen it in a while. But that didn't stop us from having some fun and getting some incredible pictures. I whipped out the tilt shit 50mm for some fun effects which I thought was very fun for this location!

Once the rain started picking back up and Desi and Jonah were both getting pretty cold, we headed downtown to finish up with some fun Vegas pictures under the neon lights. I always love getting a few photos under the lights to document the city.

And lastly, let's just all take a moment to admire Desi's bridal jumpsuit. She looked smoking hot in it, and it was so much fun!

Bride & groom hold hands in the desert on a rainy day. Bride wears a lace bridal jumpsuit, captured by Las Vegas wedding photographer brazen honey films

Bride and groom hug on their wedding day, taking photos at 7 magic mountains on a stormy day in the desert. Captured by Las Vegas elopement photographer brazen honey films

bride and groom run across the road in the middle of the desert on a rainy day. Bride is earring an all white bridal jumpsuit. Photographed by Las Vegas elopement photographer brazen honey films


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