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Mt. Charleston Engagements | Carolina, Zach & Birdie

When Carolina reached out to me about wanting to take engagement photos with her and Zach's new puppy, I was so excited! There is nothing cuter than a baby lab, and Birdie was a posing queen! We met up in the mountains, which was very fitting since their wedding was in Colorado! There is no place in Vegas that look more like Colorado than Mt. Charleston. Being a Colorado girl myself (where I lived for 4 years during college), I LOVE the mountains. Mt. Charleston has a beautiful mix of pine trees, apsens, and wildflowers - making it the perfect place to fill all your mountain needs. Just look at this gorgeous location and this cute AF puppy!

These photos were taken in late summer when the trees are still nice and green! This exact spot gets filled with snow in the winter, which is crazy to think since it's only about 35 minutes from Vegas!

Birdie was so little in these photos! I keep up with her on instagram and she is HUGE now, but still soooo cute!!



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