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Top 10 Elopement Dresses for 2020 Brides under $700

This post is for those brides who want something different and aren't afraid to break tradition! Eloping is no longer just for those who just want to wear jeans to the courthouse, but something that can we as beautiful and romantic as a larger traditional wedding. Being an elopement photographer and videographer in Las Vegas has given me the opportunity to capture some of the most wild and breathtaking weddings. Some couples say "I do" in the chapel and then head out into the desert for a quaint and intimate reception in the desert, while others are hiking in the dark to get to their ceremony spot at sunrise to make it official. No matter what kind of elopement you want to have, one thing is for sure, make sure you get a dress you LOVE, because a huge part of this day is the pictures and video!

I've scoured the internet so you don't have to, and have found some of the most amazing elopement dresses that are perfect for any kind of elopement! Everything from classy to solid silver sequins, there is something for everyone. The thing about eloping is that sometimes you don't have a year to plan and get your dress fitted, so if you are buying your dress on the internet and don't have time for much more than a hem from your local tailor, these are the dresses for you. All made to order, they will be in your hands in no time so that you can worry about all the other amazing details for your elopement.

1) First on the list is this gorgeous flowy floral printed open back dress from ASOS. For less than $300, this dress is modern, romantic, and will make for some killer elopement photos in any location you can think of!

From the beach to the glittering lights of downtown, this dress is sure to turn heads as well as not break the bank!

I just imagine this dress in the most perfect and intimate beach elopement!

2) Next up on the list is this full length silver sequin gown. While your first impression may be... SILVER?? Hear me out! At $427, this affordable gown is everything for the unique bride to look vintage, glamorous, and TURN HEADS. I picture the most amazing old Vegas elopement downtown, boots, a fur coat with a bold red lip. Paired with an all white tux, this combo is definitely for the more fashion forward couple. Not only will this dress look good in the urban city backdrop, but take it out to the desert and WOW. Better yet, rent a vintage car, start at a chapel downtown, and then head to the desert and this will make for some amazing moments to be photographed!

3) Third on the list is this GEM of a wedding gown by the amazing Needle & Thread. This London designer knows how to design the perfect dress for the bride who loves vintage and glitter. No matter how you style this gown, it's sure to make every bride wish their wedding dress had sleeves. At $583, this dress is worth every penny, and still doesn't break the bank. Perfect with your hair down or up, I see this dress sparkling in the sun at the most amazing elopement in Joshua Tree. Not a fan of the desert? Honestly you can't go wrong with it, no matter where you elope!

4) Who says you have to wear white on your wedding day??? For the brides that always wear black, this is your dress! For only $348, this black organza gown will make all your dreams come true! Picture it... you are eloping on the Oregon coast, it's gloomy and moody, and you are your husband are wearing all black, holding hands walking along the coastline on a black sand beach. WOW sign me up. No matter where you decide to elope, one thing is forsure. If you don't want to wear white.... DON'T. You gotta do you boo, and make it fashion!

5) Number 5 on our list is one of my favorites, for quite a few reasons! First, it's only $151! Secondly, I freaking LOVE an open back, I think there is nothing sexier, and it always makes for the most amazing pictures. Thirst, the floral details and embroidery and so breathtaking and just say beautiful bride. I see this dress styled with a flower crown, boots, and a GIANT bouquet, for the bride eloping somewhere in the forest like Yosemite or Sequoia National Park. It's just so... ethereal and I love everything about it!

6) This dress is a stunning gown, and for only $237, how could anyone not fall in love with it? For the more classic bride, who still wants to wear a traditional wedding gown, this is the one! Think of a gorgeous city hall elopement, or even a backyard intimate wedding. My favorite part of this dress is the train because trains are just so photogenic! If you haven't googled San Francisco City Hall, you should probably do that right now, then buy this dress, then book a flight out there, because IT'S GORGEOUS and probably one of the top places to elope right now!

7) Another classic wedding gown that had to make this list is this one! For only $237, it's a done deal. The love cut v-neck and the matching open v-back will turn heads, and the sleeves so in-style right now. I honestly haven't found a wedding dress with sleeves that I didn't LOVE. This dress is perfect for any beach, downtown, city hall, backyard, or desert elopement! For the modern bride who loves fashion and making a statement, especially if paired with a bold lip or an elegant up-do!

8) This wouldn't be an elopement gown guide for the non-traditional bride without a romper! This gold sequin pantsuit from BHLDN is perfect for any bride who doesn't wear dresses, or never pictured herself in a wedding gown! If it's your day, make sure you feel comfortable, sexy, and yourself!

At $398, this romper comes in silver, ivory, and navy, so no matter to colors or location, there is an option that will work for you!

9) I love a good Needle & Thread gown, so of course I had to add in another favorite, this blush gown for the bride who loves pink! This dress is beautifully embroidered with sequins and sparkles, has intricate sleeves, and a deep neckline for the bride who doesn't want the modest collar most needle & thread gowns have. The pink color of this gown will look good in photos, but especially in a location with lots of pink undertones. Picture this bride eloping somewhere like the salt flats in Death Valley, WOW. With a bouquet with blush flowers and accents, a and a groom in an all white tuxedo with a blush pocket square.

For $599, this is one of the most expensive dresses on our list, and still under $1000!

10) Last but not least I had to add a red gown on this list because it wouldn't be complete without one! This red organza gown is a killer deal for only $348 and will most definitely turn heads! One of my favorite places to photograph elopements is the Sand Dunes in Death Valley, and if you just picture this bride in her red dress, flowing in the wind surrounded by miles of sand dunes... it's breathtaking and made for a magazine. If you are eloping, my advice is one, make sure it's somewhere special and beautiful, and two, make sure it's you! If that means wearing a red dress... the freaking DO IT!

11) BONUS!! I had to add this dress in here because although it is sale, and out of many sizes, it can still be found online or through private resale like poshmark. This needle & thread gown is so glamorous, elegant, and flattering. It comes in three colors... champagne, black, and scarlet, and is sure to be PERFECT for that wild Vegas elopement! Called the 'Scarlett Sequin Gown', this is a must have for the non-traditional bride who wants to make a statement!

In case you want more options, here are some of the best places online to find dresses for your perfect day!



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