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My Favorite Pictures from Germany's Bavaria and Black Forest

So here's the sitch, Germany is WAY MORE than just Berlin and Münich - the Black Forest and the surrounding area of Bavaria is where it's at. If you want have an awesome European summer adventure, but prefer the outdoors to cityscape, Europe's National Parks might be something right up your alley. For me and my mom, we wanted to do everything that had to do with nature, so we flew across the pond and rented a car for our month long adventure, and I wouldn't do it any different if I had to do it all over again. While this post is just about Germany, specifically Bavaria, the southern region of Germany that holds the Black Forest as well as all the best castles in the world, there will be more posts including our time in the Italian and Swiss Alps.

For those of you who might think renting a car is excessive since Europe has trains that connect EVERY SINGLE TINY TOWN, the $1500 Eurorail pass isn't cheap when you need 4 of them, and train travel really limits your locations. You can't take a train up into the Dolomites, or drive through the beautiful roads of the Black forest and get off at every little lookout point and hike along the way. Also, we didn't rent a car, we leased it! Yup, we got a brand new car, registered to my mom, that allowed me to drive, being under 25. Pictured below is our trusty steed that got us all across Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and France!

We drove by endless strawberry fields and had to pull over to buy some, and they were the most delicious in my entire life. Not to mention the strawberry cake that is had literally EVERY SINGLE MORNING FOR BREAKFAST. Still dreaming of it. YUM :)

It also wouldn't be Germany without beer, and lot's of it. Germany is where the beer flows like water and is so much more affordable than tap water. This was a local brew in a little pub in Oberkirch, Germany that we enjoyed while strolling through the tiny countryside town. Pretty sure we were the ONLY english speakers within a 100 mile radius.

The Black forest was one of my favorite parts of the month long European extravaganza. It was beautiful, mysterious, colorful and full of life. We rarely saw another tourist, which was awesome, because we were constantly surrounded by locals and finding ourselves in the hip German vacation and hiking spots. If these pictures don't make you feel like the hills are alive with a touh of Harry Potter scary forest all at once then idk what to tell ya. We went at the perfect time where all the trees were green and all the wildflowers were blooming, with perfect weather. It was absolutely spectacular. Late may travel for the win, got in early before "high tourist season".



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